For those who prefer to grind the best coffee beans in the world; Deer Hug offers all of our specialty coffee, as whole bean roasted.

This option is ideal for those who have their own coffee grinder and do not want to miss wonderful mornings, afternoons and nights without preparing the best cups of Deer Hug coffee. If you have a coffee shop, you should definitely buy it whole beans.

The above has a great additional advantage to the lived experience…   is the conservation of the freshness and the properties of the coffee for much longer.

If you decide to buy a special coffee it is because you really want to have a differentiating experience, so this would be the recommended option; our master roasters have done their best to find the ideal curves for each micro-batch of coffee that we roast for you.

That is why we invite you to live this experience, with unique notes and flavors for your senses.


Deer Hug Coffee has the best ground coffee according to your taste. To order roasted ground coffee from our online store keep in mind: Once you have chosen your favorite coffee varieties, select the appropriate coffee grind level (finer or a coarser grind), depending on the brewing method preferred.

It is very important to note that each brewing method requires ground coffee with a specific grind level. For instance, the Moka or Italian coffee maker brewing method needs the finest grind, whereas the French press requires a very coarse grind. If you do not use the right grind level for each brewing method, the taste of your coffee won’t be optimal.

We only recommend our standard grind for those instances when you are not sure about the coffee brewing method that is going to be used.


For our coffee aficionados and lovers of specialty coffee, who want to live the whole Deer Hug experience from roasting at home; or for professional roasters in coffee shops; we also offer the option of buying green coffee (excelso) in micro or nanolots of the same special quality as all our coffees.

Deer Hug prepares on demand our wonderful coffees; available in green coffee bean and in small quantities, so you can have your own experience, generate the best roasting curves, play with temperature and time, to finally enjoy your coffee ritual with your friends or favorite clients.

All of our unroasted coffee beans, or raw coffee beans, are from the most recent harvest, hand-picked by 100% Colombian hands, and we reserve them for you only upon prior request; which guarantees that you will always have the freshness of the coffee impacting your senses, with the most delicious fragrances and aromas of the best Colombian coffees for the world.