Our dream: Create a sustainable livelihood for our Colombian coffee growers, “the reason for our company”.

You are part of our purpose, every time you live the Deer Hug Coffee experience, you are helping our Colombian coffee growers receive a better value for their harvest and thus be inspired to carry out more specific and specialized production processes.

Arousing in them a spirit of innovation and research in new process developments; Thus reaching where others have not.


Since 2013 we started building a great dream come true: «TEMPURA». From there we have had great successes, but also stumbles and steps that we have been climbing to create what is now Deer Hug Coffee; a brand that generates experiences about coffee; who has life, who feels, who loves the countryside, animals and nature, and who decides to connect that hidden history with our senses.

Our deer is part of that history and was chosen for its representation; for being the animal protective of the field, of the wild life, with capacity to reinvent itself, of agile and fast thought, but its greater virtue «to help its herd». Welcome to immerse yourself in our Colombian mountains and live the best experience with your senses.


WELCOME TO MY WORLD, the one who transforms the soul and feeds the spirit with the field and divine creation

I am Lina María Martínez, passionate about nature, biodiversity and life; I had the great wealth of having lived all my childhood on my parents’ farm; a beautiful cattle farm, where I developed that unbreakable bond with the field.

I enjoyed running among trees, talking to butterflies, cows, fish, insects, getting wet in the rain, waking up to birdsong, riding my donkey -pulecio-, and well I would not finish telling wonderful stories with my childhood best friends. Today happy to have received the best inheritance from my parents: Honesty, values and resilience to always continue without looking back.

With great gifts of life: my son: Santiago, my inspiration, a sign of self-improvement and a model of unstoppable success at an early age; my dog: Dunkan, my great friend, accomplice and faithful permanent companion of my days… Now I really want to start sharing all the stories they never told us behind a cup of coffee.

You are our main guest!


Deer Hug Coffee has alliances with associated groups of small coffee farming families, indigenous communities; roasters and baristas.

Always seeks to support and protect his «herd»; with the aim of improving the quality of life of our Colombian coffee growers, home-head female, and people who are not included in today’s society. They inspire us with their life stories and that’s why when you try our cup of coffee, you don’t stop there; you are connecting your heart and sharing our dream: Create a livelihood of sustainable and happy life.


We value the manual and artisan work of our coffee growers. We join the philosophy of fair trade & conscious consumption, we ensure a sustainable form of production for all those who are part of the chain in our company. Each package you receive has been produced by many 100% Colombian hands, which interfere with them from collection to transformation and packaging.


We work with a community of small local producers at the national level, indigenous communities, associative groups of coffee-growing families and together we manage to show the world that we have the best Colombian coffees for the world.

Our main inspiration they, our coffee growers, the hands behind a cup of coffee.