What is a washed process coffee?
¿Qué es un café de proceso lavado?

What is a washed process coffee?

What is a washed process coffee?

Have you ever heard about the processes or benefits that the coffee bean must go through to get that delicious cup, with that magnificent flavor that makes you start a fantastic day in the morning?

If you are a roaster, you must have seen the green beans of the washed or wet process, as it is also known. But do you know what the washing process is? What benefits does this process have on the final cup flavor?

To solve these doubts and more; go and prepare a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable wherever you are and read our blog, because today we will explain to you what is a washed process coffee?

What is the washed or wet process?

This process focuses only on the specialty coffee bean, since it allows you to taste what is inside of it, and not outside.

During this process it is essential that the bean absorbs the nutrients and sugars. This indicates that the variety, the soil, the climate, the maturation, the fermentation, the washing and the drying will be fundamental factors.

café proceso lavado

A washed coffee is a coffee from which several structures have been removed before drying begins… We have removed the peel or pulp; we have removed the mucilage. Remaining only the parchment

Carlos Oliveros, Principal Investigator of Cenicafé

What is a washed process coffee?

Washed coffee flavor

sabor del café proceso lavado

This coffee gives a clean cup with typical flavors of origin and directly from the field. This means that the washed process is capable of highlighting the characteristic profile of a coffee of origin, more than any other process.

In addition, experts emphasize that a clean acidity can be obtained through the washed process and, in addition, they are often much more consistent than other processes. In turn, they affirm that it is much easier to control since the fermentation of the bean occurs at the beginning of this process.

What I love about washed coffees is that they can have intrinsic pure bean flavors, if the wash is done correctly…

George Howell

What is a washed process coffee?

Step-by-step washing process

1. Classification:

After the ripe coffee cherries have been harvested, specialty coffee producers will begin by selecting them. During this process, defective or immature cherries are removed.

Better quality coffees have a higher density than water. Defective cherries have seeds that did not develop correctly, in which air-filled spaces are formed. This means that they float.

“So fruits that float in water generally have a problem. It could be a CBB attack (a common coffee pest), it could be something that happened in the field, which did not allow proper maturation”. Since they are of different qualities, it is recommended to process and sell both lots of cherries separately, at different prices and in different markets.

2. Pulping:

This phase consists of removing the pulp from the cherry. Through a machine called a pulped. It is also very important to pass the coffee through a sieve. Not all coffee cherries will be fully pulped in the pulped.

3. Fermentation:

This phase lasts between 18 and 24 hours, here the environment will greatly influence factors such as temperature and the value to be obtained with specialty coffee. During this phase, the microorganisms present in the coffee beans creates enzymes responsible for the breakdown of the mucilage.

café lavado

4. Drying:

secado - proceso lavado

“Drying is a high-risk operation, where we have a product that is very vulnerable to deterioration by microorganisms,” say the experts.

This phase occurs using drying beds, so the specialty coffee beans are dried by the sun’s rays. Although, drying machines are also used in some farms.

What is a washed process coffee?

In conclusion, as we have already mentioned, this wonderful washing process is one of the most natural out there, and at the same time one of the cleanest and most popular, since it results in a specialty coffee bean with the flavors of origin. Not to mention that it has a sparkling acidity with balanced sweetness.

As we always repeat, a roaster never stops learning and that is why this blog will help you learn even more about this great process and will make you imagine the flavors that you can exploit in roasting, that is why we invite you to our store and request our green coffee beans, so that you can achieve that flavor that you are looking for so much.

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